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MaxMind Malta – Introducing online Abacus Arithmetic program

MaxMind is an International renowned brand in Mind Development programs for kids operating since 2006.

It offers brain training programs for kids ages 5 to 13 years old.  Also provides different programs to train the right brain, the program will improve the memory, listening and power of focus skills. In addition to improve problem solving, develop confidence and self-esteem, better reading, writing and faster calculation skills.

Courses available at MaxMind Malta are the following:-

Abacus training program – 3 times a week/1hrs/4 weeks

Rubik cube – 6 days course/1hrs

Handwriting improvement – 20 days course/1hrs

Now also, Max Mind Malta introduced an online Abacus Arithmetic program to keep kids safe at home while learning at the same time.

Max Mind Malta offers learning, development and exercise kids brain.

For more information contact 9991 8822 or email or visit

More online information available also on MaxMind Malta facebook page

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