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Djembe Lessons Online with Mr. Norman

Fusing Two Sayings into an Innovation

There is a proverb that goes like this: “Necessity is the mother of invention”

The scouts’ motto is: “ Be prepared”

Djembe Lessons Online with Mr. Norman is an innovative idea in Malta that combines these two sayings into a service, a worthwhile activity, a way to invest one’s time (rather than spend it) especially in these trying times just after the kick off of the twin year 2020 🙂 Watch Mr. Norman himself launch this idea in Maltese and in English.

The Initiative

In solidarity with the whole world, in lieu of the current situation and in order to promote health and safety, Norman Cristina decided to make an irresistible offer.

Until the end of April 2020 ONLY, Djembe Lessons Online with Mr. Norman are at a whopping HALF PRICE !! To benefit from this initiative click on the link, here.

Please SHARE this information with your friends and loved ones. Protect yourself and them. Learn something worth while, fun, and challenging. All in 10 EASY LESSONS with Mr. Norman :-))

Find out more about Mr. Norman

Click here for Mr. Norman’s facebook profile.

If you wish to view his facebook page, click here.

Djembe Lessons by Mr. Norman Online and In Person,

is the dedicated facebook page for this idea that has been in preparation a few months back.

Mr. Norman is a musician and music teacher who’s mission is to serve. View this article’s title I (Ramona Portelli) wrote about him a few years back. [link]  Since then, Norman Cristina (Mr. Norman) has come a long way, significantly adding developments and successes to his list of accomplishments.

Click here for a super short biography outlining the major landmarks of his journey to date.

Last summer, Mr. Norman produced a 90 Day Video Journey treating a wide variety of topics.

These are found on his facebook profile’s timeline (go to the right side and click on More > Videos)


on his YouTube channel (subscribe here).

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