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DrLYNN releases new single ‘Treading on Eggshells’

DrLYNN has released her new single – ‘Treading on Eggshells’- Music by Lynn Faure and lyrics by Richard Rogers.

The Singer won the Malta Song for Europe in 2003 and represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia with the Song ‘To Dream Again’.

DrLYNN composed this song in 2006, the year when she decided to embark on a life-long learning journey which so far has exceeded her expectations. She believes that personal growth is the key to overcome the seemingly difficult obstacles.

At that time, she was struggling to reach a balance between her commitments as a television presenter and executive producer of a daily educational programme which went on for a couple of years and was broadcast live on National TV and Education Channel. 

In the meantime, DrLYNN was also committed as a resident pianist/singer in various local entertainment establishments and hotels.  In 2006, she met Richard Rogers, with whom she co-wrote ‘Treading on Eggshells’. The lyrics of this song were inspired by the way Lynn had described herself and her Eurovision experience to the writer, which conversation instantly transposed into lyrics. Incidentally, she had already an original piece of music in mind which she had composed on the piano. Instantly, the music and lyrics turned out to be the perfect combination for the song which was later titled as ‘Treading on Eggshells.

By time, DrLYNN understood the validity of her feelings. Even though she went through many difficulties in her life and had to take multiple decisions on her own, the overwhelming spiritual driving force was fundamental for her to face reality.  Ultimately, she never gave up on her dreams and sought to make every one of them come true.

“I would not have liked anyone else to carry the burden of my decisions, especially when I was faced with difficulties and challenges which were too heavy for me to carry on my own, but I did”, stated Dr LYNN.

In a nutshell, the lyrics claim that it’s hard to walk into someone else’s shoes. Some would become bitter even though it is likely that after a while they would not like such a taste. The song provides the effects of an intense moment in time and the inability of an individual to sleep at night with the consequence that the day becomes hard to face. Only a few can appreciate pain when it becomes unbearable. Life would equate to a bitter pill when the road ahead is too steep and during such hard times, hope is the only way forward. There is no point in looking back!

DrLYNN concludes with an affirmation – ‘No more threading on Eggshells, no Kiss and Tells, I made it on My Own’ with the aim to encourage others going through difficult times in life and motivate them to have faith.

Alongside to her musical talent, DrLYNN is a practising advocate specialising in Child Protection matters and Children’s Rights.

Who would have thought back in 2006 that the writer’s reference to the law in the song would motivate Lynn to pursue the law course at the University of Malta in 2009!

Among musicians, DrLYNN is better known for her raw and heart-warming musical style, having the ability to impress her audience with the emotional and unique strength of her vocals.

You are encouraged to grab a copy of ‘Treading on Eggshells’ single by sending an email to drlynnmalta@gmail.com

For more information about DrLYNN you are invited to visit her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrLYNN.mt/

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