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Have you always wanted to learn how to dance?

Does your child love to dance? 

Situated in Hal Qormi, FreeStyle Dance Studio is managed by Ms Antonella Galea and Ms Tiziana Nasser.  Anyone who attends to any lessons offered at FreeStyle Dance Studio, will bring more passion in dancing.  

FreeStyle Dance Studio students will have the opportunity to take part in Christmas and Carnival during Winter and Feast’s activities during Summer annually.  Their aim is your success! 

Lessons offered are:- 

Freestyle Dancing groups

Ballroom Dancing

Latin Dancing

Freestyle Fitness classes

Break Dance

Gymnastics classes

Workout classes

Yoga classes

Flamengo classes

Wedding dances

Rock n Roll classes 

Ages starts from 3 years.  Applications are open through the whole year.  Students will sit for Dancing Exams by NATD (National Assosiaction of Teachers of Dancing)

Annual showcase will be organised for all the parents and relatives and monthly payments are also accepted till the course starts.  On the same day of the Annual Showcase, exams presentations will be displayed.  Also students will be presented with trophies and certificates.

All the above lessons under one roof.  Call now on 7994 6410 or 9927 0208. 

More online information can be obtained through FreeStyle Dance Studio Facebook Page   

FreeStyle Dance Studio can be found at 222, Victory Street, Hal Qormi.

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