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Ta’ Gerit Café & Bistro

Ta’ Gerit’s story goes back to some 20 years ago. Three childhood friends met and formed a solid friendship which flourished over the love for coffee, food and wine – thus a dream started to brew. This brings us to Ta’ Gerit: the future of tradition.

We were able to make the Ta Gerit Cafe and Bistro concept a reality.

The name Gerit

Gerit a traditional Maltese name is the nickname of one of the directors.  She earned the nickname out of the Maltese families tradition,  the smell of a clean house and good food.

Ta Gerit offers affordable, simple food, with a focus on using locally sourced produce and crafting recipes that are geared towards healthy living and home made food.  Whilst respecting the roots of tradition, we give a twist to our food in line with modern cuisine.

Ta Gerit operates on three main principles. Firstly, our food is affordable to everyone, the food has to be fresh, healthy and authentic, and so we have made a commitment to source fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Last but not least, we have invested heavily in making sure that every guest has the best customer experience when choosing to eat at our Cafe and Bistro.

Apart from the food and customer service, interior design plays an important role at Ta Gerit.  Inspired by Maltese design aesthetic, we decorated our space with wooden tables, photographs of olden Malta, vintage light fittings and shabby chic environment. The result is an inviting ambience full of culture and home like spirit. 

From the first day we opened our doors, we have had an absolute blast, meeting old friends, making new ones and delivering wholesome food and great customer service! If you ask us what’s our  favorite thing about owning Ta Gerit, it has to be serving the the locals and meeting the various customers coming for lunches, be it leisure or business.  We aim to make our customers feel comfortable in a friendly environment.

Locals have even felt so connected with Ta Gerit that they use it as a central hub to connect with family and friends.

The history of our café does not end here. The road ahead is full of challenges and opportunities, but for sure none will be possible without our beloved customers. Thank you very much for choosing us and we always look forward to greeting you in person at Ta Gerit Cafe and Bistro.

Ta Gerit Cafe and Bistro is located in Santa Venera.  For bookings call on 2123 9549.

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/tagerit/  

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